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Our Staffordshire Dogs Got a Makeover...Again!

Our Staffordshire dog ornaments have been a fan favorite since they debuted back in 2017.  Over the years they've gone through quite the transformation into what they look like today.  Let's take a walk through memory lane, shall we?
My love for Staffordshire dog statues started early. Oddly enough, I found my first pair at a thrift shop while on a date in my college years.  With those chestnut spots and delicately hand painted chains, it was love at first sight.  I still have the dogs, not so much the boyfriend. ;)  Many years later, after getting married and while in the middle of a particularly difficult pregnancy, I needed something to do that would help pass the time as I waited patiently for baby's arrival.  I decided to make a few ornaments and post them on Etsy.  I combined my love for all things antique and preppy and came up with a collection. That first collection was pretty modest, only about 3 designs: a Staffordshire dog, a duck boot, and rain boots.  While my ornament offerings have grown significantly since then, those first three designs have remained and evolved.  
Okay, so this was the debut of the Staffordshire dog ornament, circa early 2017.  These sure have come a long way.  The face used to be hand painted with significantly larger eyes. 

Early 2017

Original Staffordshire Dog Ornament


The next generation of spaniels from late 2017 were definitely a little more refined.  Two more color options were added (available in hot pink hats with black spots, light blue hats with dark blue spots, and light pink hats with brown spots) and did a complete overhaul of the face design.  The cuts also were becoming a little smoother as we made more of these. The dogs would stay the same for awhile from here.  The light blue ribbon hangers lasted through 2018 and were replaced that holiday season with navy.  

Late 2017 - 2019

2ND Generation Staffordshire Dog Ornament


Who says something good can't happen in 2020? This holiday season, we decided to switch it up once again.  I don't want to brag, but we think these are the best yet!  We changed up our hat color offerings: Christmas green, orange, and two versions of blue this year!  We also added rose gold toned hang chains to give these puppies a little more movement and sparkle.  The felt ball of the Santa hat has been moved to the wayside and upgraded with a fluffy pom pom, because these pups are just the right amount of extra.  We've also refined the outer blanket stitch and added dressier gingham ribbon hangers (almost the entire line of ornaments have switched to gingham ribbon, so everything will still coordinate if you like to mix and match!).  


Brown Staffordshire Dogs

Black Staffordshire Dog Ornaments

To celebrate how far we've come, we're hosting a giveaway so that you can own a piece of Lemon House Design history too!  One lucky winner will win a pair of our retired OG Staffordshire dogs from 2017-2019, along with a pair of our brand new dogs!  Hop on over to our Instagram and enter to win!

I'll be choosing a winner at random on Saturday, Sept. 19th, 2020 @ 9:00PM.  

So, what do you think of the changes this year?  Anyone have one of the OG dogs and what colors would you like to see next? Let me know in the comments!


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  • I love every one of your ornaments more than the next. I’d love to do a whole tree in nothing other than your fabulous designs. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts with all of us!


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