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Boxwood Wall Tutorial

Hey guys!  

So I wanted to share the low down on how to install a faux boxwood wall like the one I recently did in the chic shed! I had originally planned on doing a wallpaper accent wall, but decided I needed something I could get done in an afternoon while the kiddos napped.   This project was surprisingly easy and not terribly expensive, considering how much it was going to cost to do wallpaper.  Plus, the installation was a lot less labor intensive and it was easy enough to do on my own (bonus!). Besides looking pretty luxe (if I do say so myself!), it gives the space a natural element, which is great because I can't keep a house plant alive to save my life.

So here’s my before!  For this wall, that included a door and a window, it required 4 packs of the boxwood squares. The cost was about  $115 (I already owned the staple gun,  so only had to buy staples and the panels).  


My super plain Jane wall before...


Your first step is to figure out how many panels you need to buy. The panels I purchased were 20" x 20" and came in a pack of four. For me, I’m super visual so it was easier for me to draw my wall out on paper to scale. I then made a template for the 20" x 20" panel and laid it out on the drawing mapping out my cuts and how many would be needed.

Once that was out of the way and my panels arrived, it was time to start hanging! I started at the top of the wall and worked my way down. The panels were very easy to cut to size with scissors. I just held them up to the wall to measure and then would cut them as I went. I saved all the excess for any little areas that needed coverage. I used the staple gun to staple down all four corners of each panel and anywhere else that wasn't laying quite flat.

Stapling Boxwood to the Wall

Stapling away...

Hanging the Boxwood Panels

Coming along nicely...

When working around obstructions like light switches, I just held the panel up to see where it needed to be trimmed and then cut away the area. It was a lot easier cutting small pieces to fit around the light switch then to cut a hole in the middle of a panel.

Cutting Boxwood Panels

This whole process took a little over an hour and this is the finished product! Easy peasy and it added so much visual impact! This is the part of the shed people always notice first and it makes such a great backdrop for photos!  


Be on the lookout for more pictures of this fabulous wall coming soon!  I'll be posting the big reveal of the shed interior here on the blog!


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